Every Sunday -  Melrose Trading Post // Fairfax High School, Los Angeles 9 - 5 P.M.

An Orange County/Los Angeles based brand specializing in limited quantity designs & 1 of 1 clothes, creating a rare catalog with an equally unique style. Our 1 of 1 Items are handmade during the week in Sweatshop-Free Orange County by me, a 22 yr old who just likes creating. I've Been doodling and making shirts/accessories since i was in high school, and then taught myself how to sew so I could just jumpstart the process. If you're ever in need of a custom garment, im in the OC/LA Area & i do pop up events every weekend at different markets such as The Melrose Trading Post, Artists & Fleas, among others.

As of now we Consist of an Apparel & 1 of 1 Line, Graphic & Illustrated Art Prints, Tie-Dye & Vintage Wear, our signature Brooch Pins, & anything else we can get our hands on, although the iE Debut Line coming 2016. All my Life i've been inspired by different artists, and i just wanted to a create a place to express myself fully, & maybe inspire just like i've been. Thats Exactly what Infinite Expression is for, to do and create what we love, for ourselves, and whoever else enjoys it. 

- Josh David Lobb